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When it comes to recycling your old electronic equipment and the management of the significant data and environmental risks associated with it, you should feel comfortable that your recycler has a depth of knowledge and a level of professionalism commensurate with your own. Services we provide:

1. E-waste Collections Events to support your non profit
2. E-waste drop-off site
3. Transportation for removal of E-waste
4. Product Destruction
5. Certification of Destruction
6. Recycling solutions for end of life products.

AES Electronics Recycling provides solutions for many business and residential clients.

Some notable business clients that have trusted AES with their IT and electronic waste:

What we can do for you.

  • Certification of Destruction - provide a Data Removal process that will destroy all private information, protect your company's image and reduce your concerns for identity theft.  
  • AES will help your company design a long term disposal program to ensure that your company will always be in compliance with the latest state laws pertaining to electronic waste disposal.

  • Yes! We buy electronic excess/surplus inventory
  • Free E-waste Pick-ups
Call us today to schedule any one of our E-waste solution services 714-253-3388
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