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        AES Electronics Recycling Inc.
              Call  714.253.3388
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 Call 714.253.3388 to schedule a pick-up or drop-off    

like AES on                              Drop-off@ 707-K South State College Blvd.     
                                       Fullerton CA 92831                              

AES Electronics Recycling, Inc.  is committed to the preservation of the environment and  is dedicated to diverting electronic waste from landfills through recycling electronics in a safe and environmentally friendly process.

We offer a wide range of services that can facilitate all electronic recycling needs to individuals, companies, and local government. We also specialize in collection events to help educate the public on the dangers of dumping electronic waste and the availability of electronic removal services. 

Open daily for Free drop-offs and Free pick-ups of electronic waste.

        Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

How We Help You Recycle Your        Electronics

  •  We Offer Free Pick-Ups of Your E-Waste Materials
  •  Organize a Collection Event and We Pay You!
  • Purchase end of life inventory or off-lease  computer systems
 Product Destruction

Does your company have inventories that need to be destroyed as to not compete with your current merchandise? AES Electronics Recycling INC. can offer solutions to your company to fit your needs. Call for a consultation we can beat what are you are currently being charged for destruction and provide you with a certification of destruction. Your items will never wind up being remarketed again.

  We provide Transportation
  Destruction of your items
  Reasonable destruction rates
  Guarantee of destruction

Ever Wonder What Happens to it All?

    We partner with local plastic shredders to recycle the plastics from your electronics back into new products.

By educating people about how they can make environmentally conscience choices in their daily lives, we hope to improve their health and the health of our earth.                                                                                                  

 This Months Top 5 Going Green Tips

  1. Keep your electronics out of the trash. Call your local e-waste recycling provider. You can also avoid fines up to $1,000 dollars for illegal dumping.
  2. If you're in the market for a car, choose the one in your class with the highest fuel efficiency rating. You'll save money each time you fill up.
  3. Check the air in your car tires once a month. Properly inflating your tires improves your gas mileage. Under-inflated tires, besides being a safety hazard, waste more than two million gallons of gasoline a day.
  4. Rebuilding your computer is energy efficient but only 2% of PCs ever find their way to a second user.
  5. Reduce your purchases of disposable and over packaged items or reuse more of what you already have. Doing this prevents waste and saves you money. It's easy!

What is E-waste? E-waste is defined as discarded electrical or electronic devices. Items included in this list are discarded computers, televisions, mobile phones, entertainment device electronics. What is interesting is that it also includes items that are destined for reuse , resale salvage, recycling or disposal.  Debate continues over the distinction between waste and commodity but depending on you usage either may apply. As they say one man trash is anothers treasure.

E-waste Recycling Facts

1. Hazardous Electronic items are:
           •Plasma TV
           •LCD TV
           • Any Monitor or TV containing a  cathode ray tube
2.  50 million cell phones are replaced a month and only 10% are recycled.

3. Cathode ray tubes (in a television prior to flat screen) contain small traces of mercury and 4 to 7 lbs of lead.

4. Leaving your TV on the curb for the trash is illegal. You can be cited up to $1,000 dollars.

Electronics and E-waste Recycling in Fullerton since 2005. E-waste IT!
Cal State Licensed Collector
CEWID #103574
EPA License #000358363

AES Accepts E-Waste five days a week at our location in Fullerton. Located at 707-K South State College Blvd. Fullerton CA 92831. Saturday drop-off are also available for special events. Please see event calendar for locations below.

 Accepted Recyclable Materials

AC Adapter
Apple Equipment
Cable/Cords Camera

Cellular Phone
Computer Scrap/Parts
Data Tape
Hard Drives

Ink Cartridges
IP Phone
Medical Equipment
Radio Equipment
UPS Battery Back-Up
Video Games
Most Electrical Devices
All Computer Equipment
AES Conducts Free E-Waste non-profit. Check out our calender below for an event near you.

Want to recycle your E-waste for a good cause?

Bring down your e-waste to our next event to Christ Lutheran School  Sept  12, 2015. Monies support:
                Christ Lutheran School

Located at:
             Christ Lutheran School
             820 W Imperial Hwy
             Brea CA

                Saturday Sept 12, 2015 
                9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Choose a date and sign-up for  a free electronic collection event and earn money for your non-profit organization!


  AES Recycling  Services

*IT Asset Management

If you manage computer equipment that is now at the end of its life cycle, AES  Recycling will  remove and haul your materials free.  AES Recycling will absorb all costs and responsibly scrap the materials at no cost to you. Use us as an added service to your company. If there is value left in the equipment we will do our best to recover the value and pass this along to you.
*Data Security

Data security is of concern to us all, every computer AES Recycling processes for recycling has its data discs digitally wiped. If your company is in need of further reassurance to your data destruction due to government contracts, high security information, or proprietary information we use a pin hole destruction method and we can provide a data destruction guarantee and certification releasing you from all liability.