Computer Recycling for Business

Recycle you computers


If you manage computer equipment that is now at the end of its life cycle, AES  Electronics Recycling, Inc.  will  remove and haul your materials free. We are located in Fullerton and service Orange County and Los Angeles County. AES Electronics Recycling, Inc. will absorb all  responsibly scrap the materials. Use us as an added service to your company. Computer recycling and e-waste recycling is our game!

*Data Security 

Data security is of concern to us all, every computer AES Electronics Recycling, Inc. processes for recycling has its data discs digitally wiped. If your company is in need of further reassurance computer recycling e-waste recycling to your data destruction due to government contracts, high security information, or proprietary information we use a pin hole destruction method and we can provide a data destruction guarantee and certification releasing you from all liability. 

 Product Destruction

 Does your company have inventories that need to be destroyed as to not compete with your current merchandise? AES Electronics Recycling INC. can offer solutions to your company to fit your needs. Call for a consultation we can beat what are you are currently being charged for destruction and provide you with a certification of destruction. Your items will never wind up being remarketed.  

We provide Transportation  

Destruction of your items  

Reasonable destruction rates  

Guarantee of destruction 

We offer Free recycling services on any listed items for both small and large companies

  AC Adapter
 Apple Equipment
Cable Cords
Circuit Boards
Cellular Phone
Computer Scrap/Parts
Hard Drives
 Medical Equipment
Video Games
Most Electrical Devices  

AES charges on pick ups of items listed below


Data Tape
Ink Cartridges
IP Phone


Call us AES provides free computer recycling to businesses.