Ever Wonder What Happens to it All?

   We partner with local plastic shredders to recycle the plastics from your electronics back into new products.  By educating people about how they can make environmentally conscience choices in their daily lives, we hope to improve their health and the health of our earth.  

What is E-waste?

  E-waste is defined as discarded electrical or electronic devices. Items included in this list are discarded computers, televisions, mobile phones, entertainment device electronics. What is interesting is that it also includes items that are destined for reuse , resale salvage, recycling or disposal.  Debate continues over the distinction between waste and commodity but depending on you usage either may apply. As they say one man trash is anothers treasure. 

E-waste Recycling Facts

 1. Hazardous Electronic items are:
           •Plasma TV
           •LCD TV
           • Any Monitor or TV containing a  cathode ray tube
2.  50 million cell phones are replaced a month and only 10% are recycled.

3. Cathode ray tubes (in a television prior to flat screen) contain small traces of mercury and 4 to 7 lbs of lead.

4. Leaving your TV on the curb for the trash is illegal. You can be cited up to $1,000 dollars.